How Effective Are Happy Human's Effervescent Tablet Products?

At Happy Human, we believe our non-toxic cleaning products have to work effectively at cutting grease, grime and germs. All our products undergo independent third-party testing in Sydney before launch to ensure they perform as well as leading supermarket brands (made with harsher chemicals and ingredients).

Is Happy Human’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Foaming Hand Wash Effective?

To assess the efficacy of the cleaner and hand wash, Happy Human’s tabs and a leading supermarket brand were used to remove soiling from a hard ceramic surface.

White ceramic tiles are soiled with a blend of oils and carbon particulate then cured overnight. A specifically designed scrubbing apparatus is setup to use cloths to uniformly scrub over the soiled tiles a set number of times. The reflectance readings of the tiles before and after scrubbing are taken and used to calculate the percentage of soil removed from the tile. A minimum of 8 replicates per product are run. The more light that’s reflected off of the tile the higher the percent cleaning efficiency score would be for that cleaner.

The efficiency score indicated that there is no statistical difference in efficacy and performance between the two. So we can proudly conclude that Happy Human’s products performed as well as leading supermarket brands.