10 Simple Steps to Live More Sustainably This 2021

If you’re ready to take on a more sustainable lifestyle this new year and looking for easy, realistic tips that you can start taking on ASAP, you’ve come to the right place!

Sustainable living is easier than you think, especially in 2021. It also doesn’t have to be daunting! Make it fun and pick out a couple from the list below that you think you can tackle and soon enough, you’ll be an eco-warrior.

So, what better way to kick off the year, other than 10 simple steps to live more sustainably this 2021? Here we go!

 1. Take the time to recycle and dispose of waste properly

We all know about the importance of recycling...but are we actually doing it right? Unfortunately, improper recycling can actually lead to batch contamination, meaning other recyclables may be sent to the landfill instead if not done correctly (ahem, that includes that little bit of pineapple you’ve left in your pizza box - do not recycle pizza boxes if they are stained)

So, it only makes sense that we start by educating ourselves on the right recycling methods implemented in our own communities - the environment will thank you! 

2. Shop smarter

The next time you do your big grocery shop, consider putting together a shopping list on your notes to ensure that you only purchase produce you’d actually use during the week. This will help combat food wastage (plus, make sure you are stretching every dollar!) 

Try shopping from a local grocer rather than a large grocer too, as you’ll be supporting a local business and probably be less likely to overspend- two birds, one stone! 

3. Try out one vegan meal a week 

Meat consumption, particularly from cows, has a significant contribution to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and is regarded to be one of the top sources of climate change, so we definitely shouldn’t shrug this one off - a great way to start is to try experimenting with vegan recipes at home.

If cooking really isn’t your forte, what about checking out that new vegan restaurant? Here are some of the best new vegan spots in Sydney.

4. Unsubscribe from newsletters or place a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your mailbox

An easy first step to combat paper waste - go through your mail and unsubscribe from ones that you simply don’t need printed and sent to you anymore! It’s 2021 - digital newsletters, anybody?

5. Use washable cloths instead of paper towels

An easy swap to make your kitchen much more sustainable - instead of reaching out for paper towels, we’d recommend purchasing reusable washable cloths.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are all the rage and will have you forgetting all about paper towels in no time!

6. Reuse is the new recycle

There’s no doubt that recycling is a great way to be more sustainable, but there is the fact that not everything actually ends up being recycled and still ends up in a landfill. Instead, switch it out for reusable products that will last you a whole lot longer!

If you haven’t quite heard of Happy Human - we’re on a mission to end single-use plastic waste and reduce carbon emissions through waterless cleaning products, all whilst making it easy, fun and affordable! Check out the Happy Human hand wash and multipurpose spray that’s now available for pre-order. 

7. Use the ‘half’ flush option when using the toilet to save water

Not sure if we need to explain this one any further...

We can’t possibly have left this one out - with the bottles reusable forever, this really is an easy one to try out! 

8. Try out a capsule wardrobe

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is essentially owning a set number of clothing items where you mix and match to create many outfits, eliminating other items that you don’t necessarily need in your wardrobe.

There are heaps of benefits including minimising decision fatigue by getting dressed quickly and easily in the mornings, having a neat closet and also saving some dough! Youtuber bestdressed has also tried this out for 30 days and has put her thoughts together in this video.


9. Donate clothes to charity or host a garage sale 

Resist throwing out your old clothes and instead, bring them to a charity or host a garage sale!

Clothing Cleanup is also a great initiative that offers free pickups for your old clothing.

10. Buy less stuff

There’s definitely been quite a lot of talk about minimalism and how to achieve a lifestyle of ease with less stuff. There is definitely merit to this idea and many of us could benefit from buying fewer things.

There you have it! Which tips do you think you’ll try this year?